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Are Swans Meaner Than Geese?

Are Swans Meaner Than Geese?

Swans are more aggressive and less social than geese. Their size and nature make them behave differently than geese.

Despite their huge, massive bodies, hostile anti-social behavior, and longer longevity, swans have a much lower population than geese. This could be due to human-caused overhunting and poaching of swans.

Swans are huge, stately birds recognized for their beautiful appearance while swimming in large bodies of water. They do, however, have a striking similarity to geese, which is why they are frequently misidentified with geese. But don’t worry, since, despite their similarities, they have a few important variances.

Is It True That Swans Are More Vicious Than Geese?

Swans are more aggressive than geese because of their size and strength. Swans are bigger and heavier than geese, standing up to two feet taller. While geese are larger than most other waterfowl, they will usually avoid a conflict with a swan.

Swan is often the leader of a flock of ducks. In reality, studies reveal that when swans encounter a new flock of waterfowl on their territory, they attack the stronger ones first (geese) before moving on to the weaker ones (ducks).

How To Differentiate Between Geese And Swan?

The size, look, and behavior of geese and swans differ significantly. Swans are larger than geese, although their legs are shorter.

 In addition, they have a longer, curved neck and are almost usually white. Swans also prefer to spend most of their time on the water, whereas geese are as content on land.

Let’s go through each of these distinctions in further depth below.

Size Differences Between Goose And Swan

The size difference between geese and swans is one of the most noticeable. Swans are often significantly larger and heavier than geese, with a much wider wingspan. Swans can have a wingspan of up to 10 feet, although geese typically have a wingspan of 3 to 4 feet.

Swans can grow to be over 59 inches long and weigh more than 33 pounds. Geese don’t weigh much more than 22 pounds on average. Despite the fact that swans are traditionally larger birds, geese have longer legs than swans. Despite the fact that the general rule is that swans are larger than geese, there is always an exception.

Habitat Of The Goose Vs. The Swan

Swans and geese share many of the same habitats as geese, the most common of which are ponds, lakes, and rivers, but they behave very differently in them.

Swans spend significantly more time on the water than geese. When swans are swimming, they are graceful, but when they are on land, they are very awkward.

This is also why they spend more time in the water feeding and looking for food. Aquatic vegetation is their primary food source, but they also eat tiny fish and worms on occasion.

Behavior Of The Goose Compared To Swan

Swans and geese behave differently as well. Even during the breeding season, geese are very gregarious birds that prefer to dwell in huge flocks.

Swans, on the other hand, prefer to be alone with their mate and young. They’re also more aggressive than geese, which helps them defend themselves against predators.

Both birds reach sexual maturity at different ages, with geese mating significantly earlier than swans. Most geese start breeding at the age of two or three years, whereas swans start much later and don’t begin to mate until they are four or five years old, or even seven years old in some circumstances.

How To Interact With Swans And Geese?

Swans will first go after weaker individuals of other species before pursuing other members of their own.

Some pointers on how to interact with swans and geese

Respect the domain of the bird – they’re usually simple to identify, so make sure you move around them.

Keep an eye out for any signs of aggressiveness. Swans make an arching shape with their wings to appear larger, while geese dart their heads in and out. You won’t be in any doubt because they both create loud hissing noises!

Simply back away from the bird if it is behaving aggressively. This will frequently be the bird’s purpose, and it will fix the behavior problem. While these birds make a lot of noise and bluster, physical attacks are quite rare.

Remember that geese, in particular, may be curious and cheeky creatures, and their beaks are essentially their fingertips, which they use to inspect everything! As a result, what appears to be aggressive behavior may simply be curiosity.

Related Questions

Is it true that swans attack geese?

The male swan’s breeding region encompasses the entire village pond, and any goose that wanders into his territory will be chased away. That is the disadvantage of swans. They not only chase geese away from their nests but also people and other animals.

Why do Swans hunt geese?

At the start of the white mute swan’s mating season. The swans view geese as a threat and chase them away until their progeny, known as cygnets, reach maturity in the autumn. It’s a sensitive situation when it comes to geese.


Swans are generally considered more graceful creatures than geese, and they are also known to be more aggressive in defending their territory. If you’re ever unsure about whether a bird is a swan or a goose, it’s best to err on the side of caution and assume it’s a goose.

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