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Can You Eat Swan Eggs? Are They Healthy?

Can You Eat Swan Eggs? Are They Healthy?

Swans are greatly admired for their beauty. Many people want to keep them as pets as they symbolize. Many meat lovers want to hunt down their rare creature and get a taste of its meat or eggs. Even the idea of trying swan eggs for breakfast comes across the mind of many average people. But it is very difficult to obtain one due to some national and internal laws. But there are some ways of obtaining swan eggs and trying one for a change. To find how let’s get into the detail of ‘Can you eat swan eggs’.

Can You Eat Swan Eggs?

It is not permissible in US or UK to hunt swans and eat their meat or eggs. But some corporates involved in swan farming have special permission to use non-fertilized swan eggs for eating purposes.

Now I will tell you the detail that why it is banned to eat swan-related products in different countries.

Why It Is Not Permissible To Eat Swan Eggs

Swan hunting and cooking were quite on the rise until recent centuries. With the revolution in people’s eating habits and views towards life, many people find hunting quite offensive. Plus there is much other bird meat source available like chicken, turkey, ducks that are healthier and easy-to-cook as compared to a swan.

People are also backing up the ban on swan-eating because of its rarity and beauty. In the US, they are labelled as exotic birds, and thus hunting or molesting them, or taking their eggs, is faced with severe repercussions. You can pet a swan in some states after winning a legal battle but you cannot eat them or even leave them free in the wild.

In the UK, the swans are admired by the queen and they have officially become a symbol of royalty. So they are officially off the chart for commoners to mishandle or mistreat. The people are deemed punishable for any cruel act against swans or their eggs.

All these rules and regulation makes it difficult to obtain swan eggs and even difficult to eat them.

Nutritional Facts Of The Egg

Many people believe that swan eggs are healthier than normal eggs and contain higher protein content. It is just a myth that I am going to break by sharing some facts. As mentioned previously, swan eggs are not eatable so no exact data was available for the nutritional content of the swan eggs. However, goose eggs are pretty much similar to swan eggs. Goose is the closest relative of the swan and its data can be used for comparison with a normal egg.

NutrientAmount in a goose eggAmount in chicken egg
Carbohydrates20 grams7 grams
Fats19 grams(5.2g of saturated fat)5 grams (1.5 g of saturated fat)
Proteins1.4 grams0.36 grams

1 chicken usually weighs 50 grams and a goose egg weighs 144 grams (about 3 times more than a chicken egg). A rough estimation can be obtained by taking the third multiple of chicken egg contents. Then it is clear that:

  • Chicken eggs contain slightly higher protein content with good quality proteins.
  • The fat to protein ratio is higher in a goose egg as compared to a chicken egg.

Both these facts prove that chicken egg is healthier. Swan eggs are quite expensive as well so one should consume chicken eggs are there is no proven advantage of goose/swan egg over a chicken egg.

How Can You Get A Swan’s Egg?

A swan egg is not the kind of item that out find in your regular grocery store. It is a rare item and because of the law stated before, getting your hand on one is almost impossible. However, some breeding farms and corporates have special permission to use swans’ eggs for different purposes. They can lend it to their employees r the owners can cook it themselves.

There is a special condition put by the government. Those eggs must be unfertilized. Simply put, there is no embryo inside. They can be obtained via different other methods like contacting different brokers. These methods are discouraged by the government and some of them are even punishable crimes.  

How Can You Eat Swan Eggs

If you are one of those few lucky people who were able to obtain one of the eggs then here are some tips to cook it.

  • High-fat content makes them creamy and fluffy. An omelette made by swan egg in butter will be mouth-melting and heavenly delicious.
  • Cook the eggs on the slow flame and most of the proteins and fats will be preserved. The preservation will result in a healthier and fluffier egg.
  • Swan eggs look very beautiful after hard-boiling. They have a shiny surface spread all over the coat. It makes them look more appealing and eat-worthy.

One swan egg is almost equal to 3 regular eggs. So a single serving is enough for your breakfast whether poached, boiled, or cooking in an omelette.


Swan eggs are difficult to obtain. They are rare and expensive and do not have any nutritional benefit over regular eggs. It is just the rarity that compels people to want the eggs. But after reading this article, I hope you will not waste your time and money in obtaining one of these eggs. I humbly advise you to refrain from any illegal means as swan eggs simply do not worth it.

Moreover, they contain a high amount of fat which can cause heart problems so even if you work in a swan breeding farm or can easily obtain these eggs, do not make it a part of everyday diet. If you still have any questions regarding “Can you eat swan eggs” or want me to write on any other topic, please let me know in the comment section.

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