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Do Swans And Chickens Get Along?

Do Swans And Chickens Get Along?

The most uncomplicated choice to add in a group of chickens might be more birds. You might think that birds naturally share space well, but it is not always like that. You will have a couple of issues If the bird has a good temperament but sometimes they can be territorial and get into spats. Geese and ducks give different kinds of eggs whereas turkeys ad guinea fowl are significant to raise for meat.

If you have free room to add some birds with chicken, they will not need to fight for space or food. Fowls are quite social, they should always be added in pairs. Lone geese in a group of chickens might be ignored. If you raise birds for their meat, keep them separated during feeding time. each of them has different dietary needs.

Do Swan And Chicken Get Along?

No, swans and chickens don’t get along very well. There are only a few fowl that chickens get along with including ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl. If you have room to free-range your chickens, there will be plenty of space for other fowl to roam as well. Fowl are social animals, it is better to add birds in pairs.

Do Ducks And Chicken Get Along?

Yes, chickens and ducks get along really well. There will be less competition between them because ducks feed on bugs that chickens won’t. Ducks are waterfowl, they require a pond or any pool to swim in. make sure to keep chickens away from pools or ponds as they can drow in water. Ducks and chickens have different meals so they should be fed separately. Lastly, clean them frequently because they tend to spread diseases among each other as well. Baby ducks are quite sensitive protect them until they become adults.

Do Geese And Chicken Get Along?

The most important thing in raising chickens and geese is space. Both chicken and geese need space to roam around during the day. They will get irritated with each other and then you will start seeing some conflicts erupt. The maximum required space for each bird is at least 10 square feet. It gives the dominant birds space to claim as their own and room for the other birds to get out of their way. Geese like water while water can be dangerous for chickens. It is best to give the geese a separate housing and sleeping area as well.

Do Turkeys And Chicken Get Along?

Turkeys and chicken get along fine. both can roam in the yard together like other fowl. Ensure that turkeys have plenty of space to roam around. Turkeys keep to themselves and because they are slower and less frantic, they let the chickens eat first then move in and take care of their needs. Feed turkeys in a separate area to make sure they get the nutrition required from a specific food. Male turkeys generally should not live with female chickens, as they unfortunately, have been known to accidentally kill chickens when attempting to mate with them/

Do Guinea Fowl And Chicken Get Along?

Yes, Guinea fowl and chicken can get along just fine. They are often seen roaming in the same yard and feeding on the same food. There are a couple of tips that can help to keep chicken and guinea fowl together in the same field. Firstly, rise them together as young as possible. The younger you combine the two species, the more likely they are to grow up getting along.

Guinea fowl are good at eliminating bugs, hunting mice, and even killing snakes. They are quite loud and much larger than chickens. Chickens lay eggs at a faster rate with a high ratio of yolk than white as compared to guinea fowl.  

Larger Animals that Get Along With Chickens

There are a couple of larger species that do well with chickens

Goats And Sheeps

Chickens can get well with sheep and goats together in the field. The sheep and goats keep becoming predators against predators and keep each other company. Goats also prevent hunters from air namely hawks and owls from entering into the field. They also deter smaller ground predators to approach a field, especially if the goats and sheep are wearing bells. Also, Chickens help the goats and sheep in feeding on bugs. 

In some cases, goats and sheep might step on a chicken because they are larger in size as compared to chickens. Chickens are quite fast and should be safe. Keep the chicken aways from the goat’s shelter because goats don’t like chicken poop in their sleeping space and it can also make them sick or cause a fit. If you have enough space for everyone to roam, feed, and house them separately, they have good friendships and live in peace with each other.

Cows, Horses, And Cows

Cows, horses, and cows are often seen running in fields along with chickens. There is a benefit of large animals that they keep the predators always. Sometimes, seeds are not digested by the animals and deposited in the manure as well. The chicken will find and eat these tasty treats. They even help spread the waste which helps the soil.


If you have a flock of chickens settled, you can consider adding more animals. One of the major factors is space. when you are adding any animal to the other, note their reactions and behaviors and at the first sign of trouble, have a backup plan to separate the species. Certain animals should never be kept closer to chickens because they are known to cause harm. For instance, a pig can never get along with chickens because they are carnivores and may attack chickens for dinner. Chickens are pretty good about not getting under hoof but it is possible the larger animal that could accidentally step on chickens. Many farms enjoy animals that co-mingle and range creating a symbiotic relationship. Although, chickens get along very well with ducks and geese in common living spaces. 

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