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Do Swans Die When Their Mate Dies? A Broken Hearted Swan

Do Swans Die When Their Mate Dies? A Broken Hearted Swan

Swans have a remarkable social and emotional life which makes them very fascinating creatures because the behavior of swans looks very similar to the human beings in the aspect of love and keeping a partner. Swans are always in pairs, if you walk by a river or lake with swans you can always see a pair of a swan that is intensely into each other. 

Swans show a deep touching attachment to their mates that they completely feel heartbroken when their mate dies. Swans have only one partner for their entire life and mate with the same partner till the bond is broken because of death. They are genuinely the symbol of true love. Swans are the most loving creatures but they are also aggressive at the same time.

Do Swans Die When Their Mate Dies?

Swans form monogamous pair bonds that last for life. If their partner dies, they could actually die of heartbreak. The researchers from Slimbridge discovered that swans could pass away from a broken heart if their mate dies or they don’t find any other mate. According to research, it was found that swans find another mate after they mourn the death of their partner.

Do Swans Die Of A Broken Heart?

swans are truly emotional creatures like humans. They can die of a broken heart if they lose a cygnet or their mate dies. A swan mother died a year ago from a “broken heart” because some teenager smashed her nest and broke her eggs. The teenagers hurled the nest with rocks and broke three of the six unhatched eggs. The mother swan was found dead after the attack.

A wildlife activist clarified that a “broken heart” has caused the female swan’s demise as she lost her unborn cygnets.

Do Swans Sing Before They Die?

No species of swan sings when it is dying. As poetic as it sounds but this is just a myth. Swans love their partners deeply so they mate for life. There are so many myths about swans and it is one of them, they do not sing when they are dying or on any occasion. This bird is not completely silent although it makes grunting and hissing sounds during their courtship.

Do Swans Get A New Mate After Losing An Old One?

Swans are quite sensitive about their partners, they get heartbroken when their mate dies. Many swans die due to the heartbreak of separation from their partner or the death of their partner. Some swans survive the heartbreak while some don’t. They are loyal to their partner even if they are no more, they do not find another mate for the rest of their lives. There are symbols of swans on greeting cards for lovers because their love is pure and genuine till the end.

Swan’s love for their partner is so deep that it stays forever in their heart even if their partner doesn’t exist anymore. It is a faithful kind of love that may tear the heart of the other when one of them is not present. The reason for this close bond with their partner is not entirely known but wildlife experts suggest that there are some reasons behind their monogamous behavior. There are scientific reasons why swans only have one partner for their entire life and become attached to their partners that the death of one may cause heartbreak for the other. Firstly, Swans are noticed as jealous birds who are really possessive about their partner and can not share their partner. Lastly, their love is true for each other, they want to give all of it to only one.

Can We Compare Swans To Humans In Terms Of Emotional Behaviour?

Yes, swans and humans have a lot of emotional and social similarities that’s why we can compare them. Among humans heartbreak is not an uncommon thing, they get heartbroken when they lose their closed ones either by separation or by their death. The pain of not seeing their partner and not experiencing their love and care again can be unbearable for them. They go through a really tough phase when they lose their partner especially that they were deeply attached to. The phase of a heartbreak changes everything about them because have narrated feelings of depression and anxiety, which makes them worse day by day as the partner realizes that moving on is next to impossible for them.

Their perspective of living life changes in extreme cases, they become antisocial. They are not willing to live their normal life again and mourn all the time for their loved ones. Human beings get really affected by heartbreak and some of them live the rest of their lives without any partner. Whereas, some find a new one but they keep comparing their new partner with the previous one. You see the above scenario painted about humans, it is just the same for swans. However, research has proved certain aspects of the lives of swans that seem very similar to the emotional experience of humans. 


The majority of swans do not survive the grief of losing a loved one. While some swans that survive are most likely not going to remain the same birds as they were before. Swans are known to feel deep emotional relationships with each other and some scientists even suggest that they practice monogamy. This implies that they can remain with a single partner throughout their lives. Birds are also living things like human beings, they also have feelings and emotions that deserve to be respected. The majority of people have no idea about the feelings and emotions of a swan and this article is going to give them a hint. Let us assume ourselves in a situation where a shan’s mate is dying and the other is likely not going to survive, how would we feel? Swans exactly experience the same feeling.

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