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Why Swans Are So Expensive?

Why Swans Are So Expensive?

Swans are beautiful birds with religious significance in Christianity. Many people want to own a swan but there are many relevant problems attached to petting a swan. They are quite overpriced and banned in some states which makes it difficult for people to own them. Swans require a lot of care when they are cygnets which makes a huge price difference between a baby swan (cygnet) and a mature mating swan. In this article, I will enlighten you about the pricing and factors that contribute to the frequently asked query ‘Why swans are so expensive.

Why Swans Are So Expensive?

The main causes of expensive swan pricing are:

  1. Long time to get mature
  2. Special diet and care is required
  3. Regulation of some states

Before going into the detail, let’s walk through the average pricing. In the end, I will tell you a cool tip to get a pair of swans in a pocket-friendly amount.

The Average Price Of A Pair Of Swans

Depending upon the age, species, and season, a pair of swans can cause somewhere in between $500-$3500. That’s a quite variable range. Age and season are the two main factors that contribute to the wide pricing range.

Why Swans Are So Expensive?

A swan gets mature and ready to mate at the age of 3 years. Before the age of 3, it is called a cygnet. The cygnets require a lot of care and a specialized diet that’s what makes them quite cheap as compared to fully grown swans. If you want to go cheap and enjoy nurturing and growing old with your pal, then I recommend you to buy a pair of male and female cygnets. They usually cost about $200-$700 on average. You can always go for a mature one considering your intentions, liking, and of course, budget.

The Winter season is when swans are quite expensive to get. As mentioned before, swans have religious importance in Christianity. It is painted as a holy bird in the song “twelve days of Christmas”. The verse Seven Swan-a-swimming alone is important enough to hike the price of 7 swans up to $13,125 during the Christmas season according to a report of Washingtonpost. Other than Christmas, you can easily find a decent pair for $2500.

Main Causes Of Why Swans Are So Expensive

Long Time To Get Mature

It takes a minimum of 3 years before they start mating and even then each clutch only yields 5-10 eggs which are not good in terms of bulk production. An egg takes almost 25 days to hatch depending upon the temperature and species.  

Compared to the other birds, 3 years is a good amount of time for maturation. The longer the maturation, the longer a breeder has to wait for the profits. Plus the maturation time can elapse for as long as 10 years which makes swan farming a gruesome struggle. Some of the eggs can also rot without proper care further decreasing the yield and increasing the price.

Requires Extra Care In Diet

Good quality proteins and green vegetables along with fresh bread are the optimal diets of a cygnet.

The swans are mainly sold for their beauty and shiny white plumage. The shinier the coat, the greater are the profits. But it is not easy to maintain a good coat by providing an adequate diet. Swans require a high protein diet for their optimal growth and molting (shedding the old feathers and replacing them with the newer ones). Green vegetable is also an essential part of the diet. Both of these ingredients are quite expensive which is reflected in the hefty prices of the swans.

Any rotten food can disturb the color of the plumage and can decrease the price of the swan. It can even cause lethal diseases. Pink feather Flamingo syndrome is a term used when swans get a pink streak of feathers in their coat. As fascinating as it may sound, it has proved to be lethal to the swans. Pink feathers lose their properties and the swan can die due to cold. Experiments have shown that old and molded bread is one of the reasons for this condition.

The diet of a swan determines the beauty of its coat which ultimately decides its price. As the diet is expensive, so are the swans themselves.

Regulation In Different States

Swans are considered exotic in some states and even invasive in others which makes them rare. The price in those states is quite higher than the rest of the states. One also needs a legal permit or even has to go through a lengthy legal proceeding before petting a swan.

In most states of the USA, you can pet a swan. But you cannot release it into the wild. Swans are water-loving birds. They are big and heavy territorial birds. They compete with the same or opposite birds for water, greenery, food, and other natural resources. In some states, they are considered hostile because they compete with native waterfowl and chase them away from their territory. In such states, the price of the swans can be very high.

These reasons are enough to justify why swans are so expensive. But there are 2 to 3 pro tips you can follow to get a good pair at a reasonable price.

Tips To Buy Swans At A Reasonable Price

Why Swans Are So Expensive?

1. Buy swans out of seasons. The swans are expensive in the mating season and Christmas season. Avoid these seasons and you can grab a pair at a cheap price

2. Always buy from a small local business. Never purchase the swans from big merchants or online stores. Both of them purchase swans from a local breeder and resell them at a higher price. Try to find a local breeder from your area and crack a deal. You will save quite some cash.

3. Purchase according to your hobby and desire. Cygnets, Non-breeding, and breeding swans are sold at different prices. One should think carefully about the purpose of purchasing a swan and then proceed accordingly.


Cygnets and swans can be differentiated by age and their body characteristics. Each has different pricing depending upon the species, age, and color of plumage. Swans with a spotless white coat are more expensive. Christmas and the mating season is when the swans’ prices are way higher than usual. One should buy swans in the summer season of the year.  Taking care of a swan is also a difficult task as swans require special attention regarding their diet and environment temperature.

I hope this article will help you to buy swans at a reasonable price.  If you still have any queries or you want me to write on other topics, please leave a message in the comment section below.

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